B-View Start

  • Step-by-step setup wizard
  • Discover all SMaBiT camera on the network
  • Camera firmware updates
  • Switching between SMaBiT Cloud and Magenta Smart Home operation mode
  • Set up and reset the camera password


SMaBiT Video

  • High-resolution live image and mosaic view
  • Play back recordings
  • Configuration of cameras and video systems
  • Simultaneous access from multiple devices
  • Encrypted communication of user data and European cloud


SMaBiT Manuals

  • Quick access to the latest version of all manuals for SMaBiT products
  • Available even when without an Internet connection
  • Automatic updates
  • Available in all European languages


SMaBiT rec.

  • Professional Windows video surveillance software
  • Live image of up to 36 cameras simultaneously
  • Control and configuration of video systems and cameras
  • Find and save recordings by time and event
  • Network connection (LAN/VPN) or SMaBiT Cloud


Installation program for Windows

You can find the instructions of many apps as well as other SMaBiT products in the SMaBiT manuals portal and in the SMaBiT manuals app.

All data, always up-to-date, always with you, on PC and mobile.