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Art. Nr. AV7210/12
EAN: 8 021156 065936
  • Professional security camera with cellular radio module
  • Multiband radio module for all networks 2G/3G/4G
  • Full HD resolution HD 1080P
  • Viewing angle 110°
  • CMOS Sensor 1/3 inch 1920×1080, Lens 1/3”, 3.6 mm, 3MP
  • Mobile data consumption only when accessing video image or recording
  • Easy installation: Insert SIM card, install app, scan QR code, done!
  • Recording on Micro-SD memory card and retrieval via app via cloud
  • Notification of movement
  • Night vision with 42 infrared LEDs and 35m range
  • Weatherproof aluminum housing, protection class IP66


How it works.

1. Insert SIM card.

2. Install app.

3. Scan QR Code.


Reach the camera securely and reliably from anywhere with SMaBiT apps and the secure SMaBiT Cloud operating on European servers.

SMaBiT Video

  • High-resolution live image and mosaic view
  • Play back recordings
  • Configuration of cameras and video systems
  • Simultaneous access from multiple devices
  • Encrypted communication of user data and European cloud

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SMaBiT rec.

  • Professional Windows video surveillance software
  • Live image of up to 36 cameras simultaneously
  • Control and configuration of video systems and cameras
  • Find and save recordings by time and event
  • Network connection (LAN/VPN) or SMaBiT Cloud

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Technical data.

Camera Type and Lens Properties

  • Bullet camera with 2G/3G/4G funl module
  • Full HD resolution HD 1080P
  • Viewing angle 110°
  • CMOS Sensor 1/3″ 1920×1080, Lens 1/3”, 3.6mm, 3MP
  • Sensitivity F1.2 -0.07 Lux when LEDs are switched off
  • Night vision function with 42 infrared LEDs, range up to 35 meters
  • Video codecs H.264 (30fps at 60Hz, 25fps at 50Hz), JPEG, M-JPEG
  • IR-Cut Filter with automatic switching, electronic 3D noise filter, digital wide dynamic range
  • Bit rate 32 Kbps -16 Mbps

Hardware and Network

  • Quectel EC 25-E cellular module
  • LAN interface (Ethernet 10/100 Mbps) for local operation and maintenance
  • Slot for Micro-SIM card
  • Slot for Micro SD memory card
  • Power supply 12Vdc ±10%
  • Power consumption max. 1.2A
  • 12V supply included
  • Aluminum enclosure, protection class IP66
  • Operating temperature range -20°C -60°C



  • Automatic configuration with SIM cards of all major providers (the PIN check of the SIM must be deactivated)
  • Manual setting of APN configuration for new providers or private APNs
  • Recording permanently, on motion or by schedule
  • E-mail notification on motion events with image attachment
  • Retrieving recordings on the SD card via cloud connection
  • Hide image areas (Privacy Mask)
  • Parallel operation LTE and LAN, e.g. when using a recording system on site
  • 4 streams for live image (2x H.264, 1x Motion-JPEG, 1x JPEG) per stream 3 simultaneous hits, resolution and frame rate selectable per stream
    Playback: H.264 (RTSP), Motion-JPEG (HTTP), JPEG (HTTP)
  • Onvif2.4 compatible
  • Image settings: resolution, frame rate, bit rate, mirroring, saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness, infrared control
  • Password-protected access

Data consumption

  • Data consumption per minute
    • 3 MB at low resolution (352×288)
    • 6 MB at medium resolution (640×360)
    • 10MB at high resolution (1920×1080)
  • Typical consumption per month
    • Typical: 50MB
      20 mail notifications, every 2 days “all OK” view (1 minute)
    • Regular check 900MB
      5 minutes per day in medium resolution
    • Power-User 2.2GB
      20 minutes per day, 2 of them in maximum resolution
  • The values are indicative and may vary depending on the frequency of movements, ambient conditions and the proportion of night hours.


Junction box


PoE adapter


Dimensions and packaging.

You can find the instructions of this camera as well as all other SMaBiT products in the SMaBiT manuals portal and in the SMaBiT manuals app.

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