We want your safety, not your data.

SMaBiT is a family business with an international presence. In the field of video security and building automation, SMaBiT offers systems and solutions for companies and private customers, as well as development services and customer-specific solutions.

As a European company, we are particularly concerned about the safety of our products and security of the data being handled and trasmitted. Here we set accents through our own cloud systems based in Germany, data encryption as well as in-house developed products, mostly manufactured in Italy.

Why we are the right choice.

We are dynamic.

We are competent.

We are a compact team.

We are creative.

We are human.

We are determined.

We are innovative.

We are authentic.

We are stubborn.

We are consistent.

We are reliable.

We master our technology.

We know our market.

We know our products.

We can flexibly adapt our products.

Safety and reliability are our top priority.

We build durable products.

We believe that technology should make life easier.

We make our partners successful.

SMaBiT is a family business.

Our roots.

SMaBiT GmbH was founded in Berlin on 19 April 2018 but it has more than 50 years of history. SMaBiT continues the tradition of the Turin-based company Bitron Video developing and producing innovative video surveillance and building communication products.

In order to further strengthen SMaBiT’s technical competency and innovative strength beyond the existing locations in Berlin and Turin, SMaBiT Cuba in Havana has been founded in 2019.

  • The beginning of a long tradition

    In 1967, Bitron Video was founded in Turin.

    Bitron Video develops and manufactures door intercom systems, which are designed to stand out from the competition, especially through high quality and the use of the latest technology.

  • The first smile

    The first MV1 video door intercom system paves the way for a steep ascent of Bitron Video both in Italy and abroad.

  • Together even stronger

    In the year that the Winter Olympics are held in Turin for the first time, Bitron Video - an internationally leading provider of video door intercom systems - and Urmet - a leading player in the telecommunications sector - are uniting their strengths.

    Bitron Video becomes part of the Urmet Group.

  • Exploring new fronteers

    2012 a new technology is evolving which today is known to everyone as "IoT".

    In the company tradition of the constant search for new and innovative technologies, the development of IoT as a strategic business area begins. Within a few years, Bitron Video will become a leading provider and technological reference for the development of smart home products and smart security cameras across Europe.

  • 50+1: a new beginning

    After 50 years, a new phase of life in the history of the company begins, combining the rich experiences of the past with curiosity about the future.

    Even for Bitron Video, half a century has passed and it's time for a renewal.

    This creates SMaBiT Smart Building Torino, a name that sums up in three words what Bitron Video was and what the company will stand for in the future.

  • International know-how

    In order to further strengthen SMaBiT's technological competence and innovative enthusiasm, the development teams in Germany and Italy are receiving reinforcements from the West.

    SMaBiT Cuba is created. Already in its first year, the determination, expertise and team spirit of the new employees prove themselves, so that the continuously growing team in Cuba quickly becomes an important part of SMaBiT's innovation network.

Our locations, our teams.


SMaBiT is at home in Friedrichstraße, in the vibrant heart of Berlin. From here we manage the company, run sales and coordinate administration and logistics.

The central location provides an inspiring and easy-to-reach context for training sessions and workshops.


Turin and the Piedmont region are not only known for cars and hazelnut cream, but they are also the cradle of the Italian IT and telecommunications industry.

Turin is SMaBiT’s European development location. From here we also manage our marketing and the production in Italy.


Since its foundation in early 2019, the hardware and software development team in Havana has grown steadily. With competence and motivation, innovative and reliable products are created here in a Caribbean climate.

Close cooperation with local universities ensures a lively exchange in new technologies and basic research.